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What's in a Name?

I am often asked "Why the name Arts Boheme?"

The name Arts Boheme was generated in celebration of the diverse beauty that exist in our world;  arts, culture, nature. In my creations, designs emerge as a result of what the parts want to be. I believe the same holds true for people; we each have natural talents and gifts that if nurtured and celebrated allow us to develop our full potential. Our company, Arts Boheme, creates jewelry in celebration of the beauty that exist in our world.  Our desire is that the jewelry we create gives joy to those who choose to adorn themselves with our pieces.  Our tag line, Exquisite jewelry for the bold woman, rises from this purpose.
Nature and people, the patterns, textures and colors of everyday items all contribute to the richness of our experiences.  I have had the pleasure of experiencing these things in our travels and been provided the opportunity to curate beautiful components to create our jewelry.

Istanbul, Turkey

Shopping in the bead stores of the Grande Bazaar. The bazaar provided opportunity to curate agate beads from around the world.  Also available in this shop was an amazing selection of Turkish sterling silver.


A walk through the Grand Bazaar delights the senses with the smell of rich spices, the sights of beautiful crafts and the warmth of fine people.


Venice, Italy

The studio of Gioia, Venice Italy.  So much is told about Murano glass and true, it is beautiful.  Studios in Venice also produce beautiful glass pieces that are outside of the traditional styles.  Gioia is one such studio. Some of our pieces are crafted with beads from this studio. The names of those pieces include the name Gioia.



Of course there is more to Venice than beads.  On our way back to our hotel we were struck by the Santa Maria Della Salute Basilica at night.


The Train

We traveled by train through Europe in 2016.  Through the windows of our train we were able to experience much of the countryside of the Czech Republic and Italy. We are looking forward to our return trip in three weeks.  This year London, Venice and Paris.  Getting excited and can't wait to share.