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Beautiful Uncommon & Unique!

What calls to you first; beauty or practicality?

Do you see beauty in everyday items?

Not the easiest of questions, right?

One of my favorite sets of pens...notice I said ONE of...

Or perhaps it is very easy for you!

If you are like me, you might be attracted to beauty first. It happens on a regular basis that I see something that stops me in my tracks. It can be a beautiful sky. The way the sun shines through a leaf, or beautiful animals. Textiles, art, music, or a beautiful vista. Heck, a beautiful set of colorful pens can make me stop and enjoy the sight.

What stops you? Have you taken a moment to pay attention to what calls to your heart in any given moment

When stopped in our tracks by beauty in any of its forms, you might say it is how nature calls out to us.

You might say it is that inner voice that calls you to slow down and enjoy.


Each of us contributes beauty to the world and those around us.

We contribute to others and to our milieu by the beauty we create and share. Do you create or share music, artworks, or food? Literature, poems, sayings, or memories. There are so many things that become beautiful because you shared them from the space of your heart. How many times have you received a thank you for a beautiful evening? How about for a beautiful birthday card? If you believe beauty touches the heart. If you have shared a kind thought or moment. Then you have shared your inner beauty.

This beautiful handmade card was created by an individual I met at a boutique. It is fun and free spirited. I purchased 3 to place in a picture frame together to decorate a space I pass in my home on a regular basis.   I enjoy it each time I pass by.

Tip - Cards are often beautiful works of art.

Do you want to add a splash of color or a piece of interesting wall art to a particular location in your home or office?

Consider shopping for 1 -4 cards you really like and them arranging them in a frame.

Instant art!



For me, the desire to create jewelry began with my love of nature, rocks and minerals, and my love of glass.

I have collected these things since childhood. I have to say I have been lucky enough to enjoy beauty throughout my life. As an educator I taught high school art and science. My “art side” led me to travel and enjoy the global community and all it has to offer in the realm of beauty. I enjoy people, their cultures, their creations and the connectivity we share. The science led me to seek the beauty of the terrain and to call the beautiful objects the earth provides, gifts.


Do you love the global community of people, cultures and the connectivity we share?

Do you outwardly express your appreciation for world cultures?

Perhaps through your lifestyle, your possessions, your attire, your jewelry?


I design jewelry using globally inspired, artisan created and natural components. My designs reflect the beauty I have experienced in my life. Nature along with ancient and modern cultural artifacts often come together in the jewelry I create. I hand select stones for their beauty, and the same holds true for the glass pieces I use in my designs. Choosing uncommon stones or glass focal pieces makes many of my designs one of a kind. Rarely are more than 5 of each design created.


Shhhh-sh! A secret..I like having things others don't have!

I love things that are hard to find, limited and things other people don’t have, or at least only few are "out there" for the finding! I have to laugh at myself . If something is beautiful and if you add the quality of rare and uncommon, that makes it even more beautiful to me. How about you?

The uncommon or exceptionally beautiful stone always catches my eye. You may never see a traditional faceted gem stone in my collections; doesn't mean I don't like those as well. What you will see are stones that are uncommon, of good quality, natural, and beautiful.

Do you love things others don’t have?

Jewelry that you won’t find at the department store? Jewelry that is unique to you and no one else is wearing the same? Do you like to wear jewelry that has a beautiful story for you to share?

So do I and that’s the space from which I design for you.

They have arrived. Epidote in quartz stones supported by foundations of green garnet, antiqued brass or onyx. Each stone distinct in its patterns and size is supported on a complimentary foundation. Epidote is a beautiful dark green crystal that forms in several global localities. Each of the stones in the collection are unique and therefore each piece of jewelry crafted with these stones is distinctive. Notice the patterns in the stones pictured here. The strand patters in these specimens are clear and unclutter; reminiscent of grass blades.

Your choice of design from subtle to statement.

  Can you hear the conversations that may rise when others see the necklace you chose?

Let them know as you share there is...

Just One!

Introducing Stories of the Stone!

I think the stones and glass pieces I curate are amazing. I purchase because I like what I see and often the pieces have a story. I have been asked by many people to include the stories of the stone with their purchase of jewelry and I love doing that for them. This short video clip highlights three stones. It is an overview of their beauty.

Stories of the Stone is a permanent addition to the blog. Enjoy and look for detailed highlights of Lapis Lazuli in the next edition.

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