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The Story:
Green Zebra Stones have been used to create the pieces of this collection.  Zebra stone is a jasper stone whose name tells all.  The stone occurs in predominately 3 colors; black - grey, green, and the elusive orange. They are natural and found in South Africa. I have used pieces that are a soft gray to green.

Each piece in this collection is designed and crafted from a selection of:

  • Green Zebra stone or Grey Zebra stone
  • Tibetan Dzi - Agates carved by artisans in the traditions of the Tibetan culture
  • Hematite
  • Moss Aquamarine

To compliment the stones I have selected:

  • Italian glass focal beads, each hand formed in Italian glass studios. Each bead is created as an artist sits with glass rods and a torch (lamp) melting and turning glass until the desired shape is formed.
  • Artisan Pewter created in New York.  The workmanship, quality and detail of the pewter accents are clearly visible.

The pieces of the collection are complimentary to each other offering you the option to coordinate or match pieces. 

You create the look!