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Solar Quartz

Solar Quartz is created when  quartz forms on a core of agate - stalactites. This focal stone is a stalactite sliced and cut into a cabochon.  Uncommon and each stone is one of a kind.

Got the Blues?

The stunning Kyanite of this necklace will have you anything but blue. Pair with your favorite jeans or your office attire.  Seamlessly move from day to evening. 

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You Are Extraordinary

Your individuality and desire to experience the adventures of life lead you follow your heart.

You appreciate the gifts of the world;
distant shores, amazing people, rare finds, cherished traditions.

Your passions guide your actions and sense of style.

I share your spirit.

What calls you first; beauty or practicality? Do you see beauty in everyday items? Not the easiest of questions, right? Do you express an appreciation for world cultures. Do you do this through your lifestyle, your possessions, your attire.
...we each have natural talents and gifts that if nurtured and celebrated allow us to develop our full potential.