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For those inspired by world cultures and the road less traveled.

You are unique and so are my jewelry designs.

You want people to know who you are and that you are not like everyone else.

You have your own vibe and sense of style, and you express it freely.

Me too!

I am Cheryl, the designer and owner of Arts Boheme. We share a love of uncommon goods and a love of sharing the stories of our treasures.  Like you, I seek the rare and unique. The thrill of the hunt and the finding of exceptional items excites me and brings me joy. 

  Shopping in Bejing China, and what do I find?
Beautiful antique, hand carved prayer beads. 
Of course I brought them back to my studio.

    The Inspirations

I have always been fascinated by natural stones and glass; The facets of crystal, the illumination of colors, and the dance of light as it enters prisms. They delight the eye and stir the soul. I love the romance of travel and the thrill of new discoveries and experiences.  Ancient arts and artifacts, and the stories of why they were created feed my sense of wonder and imagination. It's not enough to read about the wonders of this world, I want to experience them. I love the people I meet who offer me the understanding that we have shared hopes, dreams and desires.

Are you a member of the greater global community? Do you love jewelry pieces that are reflective of places you have visited and cultures you have experienced? My designs are inspired by artifacts of world cultures, both ancient and modern. I love blending stones, glass and metals of different cultures, different eras and different geographic locations, to yield beautiful and uncommon pieces of jewelry that celebrate the influence of their origins.

Arts Boheme was born to celebrate our global community and feed my love of minerals and glass. Together with my best friend and husband Ronald, we travel the world collecting exquisite artifacts both for our personal enjoyment and to share with you. The stones and artisan glass used in my designs are an expression of the treasures the world has to offer for your enjoyment.  I love the time spent in my studio working with our latest discoveries to create unique jewelry pieces for your enjoyment. 

Experience the uncommon world of Arts Boheme jewelry!

Express what you want to share with the world about who you are and what you are intrigued by!

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