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The Maker and Designer


Cheryl Domenichelli is an artist, maker, designer, and the creator of Arts Boheme. First and primarily, her heart leads her to work for the global pursuit of social justice, human rights, and the improvement of human conditions through education and the arts. She holds a Doctorate in Education Leadership from the University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a love for the balance of design and color theory. Since childhood Cheryl has loved rocks and minerals and the beauty of gifts the earth presents to us.  Coupled with her lifelong passion for gems and natural stones, she chose to study the sciences as well as the arts. Blending her love of earth sciences, her three dimensional artisan skills and her passion for people and travel, her designs have evolved into art pieces that speak from her background and vast experiences of world travel. 

Arts Boheme exists to further the cause of improved human conditions through education and social justice. Inspired by an extensive professional background in education, Cheryl understands the importance of education and its critical influence on our evolving society. Travel experiences and Cheryl's work in education have led to her understanding that we all share hopes and dreams for healthy and prosperous lives where we have what we need.  She believes that we all share the hope that our children will live healthy productive lives and she understands we are all custodians of this world and though we differ in customs, skin color, language, and religion, we share the fundamental desires of life, love, health, spirituality and prosperity.

“We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.”
-Malala Yousafzai

Arts Boheme supports the causes of social justice and education through proceeds from each sale. Born at the junction of the arts and social justice is the unfettered creativity needed to transform our world. Join us in this work!