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Zebra Stone, Dzi & Hematite Necklace

Necklace Length 22"

The rich textures of this piece are derived from the natural patterns of Green Zebra stones and Tibetan Dzi. The Hematite gives a dark silvery shine to the matte colors of the other stones and forms the foundation of this necklace. Green Zebra is a naturally formed jasper with striped patterns resembling the beautiful animal. My hand selected stones chosen for the beauty of their pattern. Though found in multiple locations globally, these stones are mostly mined in Africa, India or Russia. 

Tibetan Dzi - The stones I select are hand carved by Tibetan artisans and resemble the culturally important naturally occurring Dzi stones. Stones used in this piece are known as Naga Skin Dzi and are exceptionally beautiful with patterning and texture that is uncommon among the stones carved in Tibet. 

Hematite is a naturally silver stone.

  • Zebra Stone 
  • Tibetan Dzi 
  • Hematite
Hematite keeps its luster, use only a soft cloth to clean this necklace.