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Gifts of the Earth

The Earth, our planet, a planet that gives and sustains all inhabiting life.  Earth Day, celebrated for the first time on April 22, 1970, reminds us all of the treasures presented to us by the earth and our responsibility to foster sustainability.  Like you, I respect our natural resources; air, water, trees, soil, oceans, and I know that we are dependent on them to sustain us. The title of this collection, Gifts of the Earth, celebrates the source of materials used to create the pieces. The major components of pieces in this collection are sustainably sourced from the land, the forests and the seas. The Baltic Amber piece below is mined in Russia and crafted into beads in China.  The owners of the mine come to the US once a year in February to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

Baltic Amber Paired with Swarovski Crystal

Revered for their works, the people of Ghana are know for the use of recycled glass in the creation of beads.  They gather discarded glass products and break them into small pieces.  The glass is then placed into clay molds and melted into beads. Holes are inserted by hand as the glass cools and the beads are finished by rubbing them in damp sand on a base of stone.

The orange & purple Ghana Glass beads shown are rare colors.

You believe in supporting artist communities and ensuring livable wages for the beautiful pieces created by the people of Ghana.  I hand select my Ghana glass beads from people who support fair trade.  Artisans of Ghana create their beads from glass, from old vinyl records and other discarded materials. I work with the glass beads exclusively. In celebration of Earth Day,  I wish to recognize the Ghana people who are gathering discarded glass and through recycling, and then creating the beautiful beads used in jewelry all over the world. I source and use Ghana glass in the creation of my jewelry pieces and I celebrate the origins of the beads and culture of the people who create them.


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