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Travels in Cuba!

I love to travel and to meet people, local artist in particular. This summer, with a band of friends and family, we boarded a plane and were off to Cuba! The people of Cuba were wonderful and artists flourish there.










We visited several artist compounds and learned of their passion for art and the challenges they face obtaining materials.  The Cuban passion for the arts is fully expressed in Fusterlandia.  The community surrounding the studio of artist Jose Fuster is decorated with his art. I was there with my family, three generations together in Cuba. It doesn’t get better than this. (click here to see more of his work)

…and then there were the musicians. This group was excellent! Their style was a fusion of rock/jazz/ and classical!  Amazing!

The people of Cuba are genuine, caring and supportive of each other. An island nation, their resources are limited and they are dependent upon imported materials for many of their art supplies. They also draw upon the abundant materials from the ocean, natural soils and native trees. From street vendors we were able to purchase Cuban palm wood, ceramic beads and natural seeds. Look for these components in future designs!

Last October I was in China and this spring, Ronald, my best friend and husband, and I are back to Venice, Italy to purchase handcrafted beads! Can’t wait to share about these experiences.