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A Study in Pink and Black

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This piece is inspired by and centered upon the work of the artisan silversmiths of Bali.  At Arts Boheme, we love the intricate patterns of Bali Beads and select those that most exhibit the artistry of the Balinese silversmiths.

Steeped in a history of Hinduism and the belief that nature is power, the Balinese reverence for nature is inherent in each design. The beads are created by fusing handcrafted silver wire and dots onto the sterling silver handcrafted bead. The intricate applications yield unique beads even among those that share a particular pattern.  

In Bali, the art of the silversmith is generational, passing through families with artisans training for years to become masters of the craft.  In our necklace, we have added faceted, rough cut, pink sapphires specifically to add the soft color and to enhance the Bali Bead. The black spinel beads simultaneously compliment and draw forth the antique black of the silver Bali beads.

For centuries the silversmiths of Bali have created items for temples, rituals, heirlooms and jewelry.We are pleased to support the artisans of Balinese villages who depend upon their art for income. We source and hand select our beads from reputable dealers who respect, support and honor the traditions of the Balinese community of silversmiths.

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