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Zebra Stone, Moss Aquamarine, Venetian Glass & Pewter Necklace

Necklace Length  20"

A beautiful baguette bead hand made in Italy is the focal piece of this necklace and is suspended from a foundation of Moss Aquarmaine, Galena and Zebra Stone. Dressy enough and simple enough to wear anytime of day and casual to more formal. 

The stunning blue - green of the Venetian glass focal bead rises from the inner core of glass line in 14K gold leaf and then over laid with a second layer of a frosted blue glass. Each of these beads has been hand blown in the studio of Gioia, Venice, Italy. I visit the studio every couple of years to hand select new creations. 

Green Zebra is a naturally formed jasper with striped patterns resembling the beautiful animal. My hand selected stones chosen for the beauty of their pattern. Though found in multiple locations globally, these stones are mostly mined in Africa, India or Russia. Moss Aquamarine is a greenish blue stone with the appearance of moss inclusions. The stone occurs on many continents but are mostly mined in Brazil. 

Pairs nicely with a variety of colors including whites and grays. 

  • Moss Aquamarine 
  • Venetian Glass 
  • Hematite 
  • Pewter
Both the Hematite and the Pewter will hold their finish and need no polishing. Please clean with a soft cloth and avoid the use of polishing compounds and polishing cloths.