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Moss Aquamarine & Venetian Glass Bracelet

Bracelet Length 8"
Custom sizing available!
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The stunning blue - green of these Venetian glass earrings rises from the inner core of glass line in 14K gold leaf and then over laid with a second layer of a frosted blue glass. Each of these beads has been hand blown in the studio of Gioia, Venice, Italy. I visit the studio every couple of years to hand select new creations. 

Moss Aquamarine is a greenish blue stone with the appearance of moss inclusions. The stone occurs on many continents but is mostly mined in Brazil. Pairs nicely with a variety of colors including whites and grays.

  • Moss Aquamarine 
  • Venetian Glass 
  • Bali Sterling Silver
This bracelet has sterling silver beads. To keep them clean and bright, polish on occasion with a soft polishing cloth. Please do not use chemical polishing compounds as they may damage your glass and aquamarine.