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Tigers Eye Necklace

Necklace Length 23"

The colors, the unusual cut of the stones, the coolness of the stones on the neck; all of these factors create an experience for the wearer of this necklace that generates enjoyment all day. The stones are faceted barrels that pick up light without extensive sparkle.  When you want to wear jewelry that is simultaneously masculine and sophisticated, when you want to wear a piece of jewelry simply because you like it, when your image matters… 


This  necklace is crafted from natural and enhanced tiger's eye.  The blue and golden tiger's eye are natural stone colors; the red has been heat treated to bring up the color.  Tiger's eye is a form of quartz and classified as a semi-precious gemstone. While it is mined mostly in Australia, Africa and India, the stone also occurs in Burma, Namibia and yes, California!

  • Tigers Eye
    • golden
    • blue
    • red
  • Brass
The stones in this necklace are easy to care for. Please do not sleep or shower in your necklace and occasionally clean with a soft cloth and mild soapy water as required. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives.