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Simple Elegance Bracelet

Bracelet Length 7"

What if anything is more elegant than the combination of black combined with faceted crystals. For those of us who are attracted to and empowered by light traveling through prisms, this bracelet is perfect; A center piece of white topaz and sterling silver are supported with hand cut and faceted black spinel and crystal-clear quartz. The stones alternate on either side of the focal piece elegantly displaying their bold pattern and subtle glinting as you move your hand and arm. Swarovski crystal rondelles add light to the spinel and quartz completing the presentation.  


Simple yet elegant but be careful; You may find yourself mesmerized by your own bracelet when you are wearing it.



  • Spinel
  • Quartz
  • Swarovski crystals
  • White Topaz
  • Sterling
Clean both the quartz and spinel with warm soapy water. The Swarovski rondelles and the focal piece will also benefit from the regime of using mild soap and water.   Be sure to dry and softly polish the stones and crystal to prevent mineral deposits from the water from dulling the shine of this beautiful piece.