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Obsidian & Peridot Necklace

Necklace length is 20"

The peridot in this necklace is uncut or raw and presents as a true gift of the earth.  The stones are exactly as they were created.  Their color is beautiful and each stone is unique.  Paired with the peridot are obsidian disks. Obsidian is a stone that forms from volcanic lava flows and can be as shape as glass.  It has been used over time to carve talismans, create weapons and yes jewelry.  The golden sheen on the obsidian stones is created when the obsidian lava cools rapidly; in the rapid cool, tiny bubbles are trapped and create the golden sheen.


This is not a piece you will see everywhere.  Sophisticated and chic, this piece can be worn for the office meeting or to a socially distanced elegant brunch.  In either space the necklace will convey your personal style.


Peridot - natural


Sterling Silver clasp

Peridot and obsidian both require little care. An occasion wiping with a soft cloth or rinse with warm soap and water. Please do not use chemicals of any type on this piece as chemical may damage your stones.