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Obsidian & Artisan Glass Earrings (L)

Earring Length:  5" drop

Obsidian stones form as lava flows from the fiery bowels of the earth. The lave rapid cools preventing the formation of crystals and therefore producing natures natural glass, obsidian. Found in places where there is volcanic activity, obsidian is traditionally black. It can however occur with a golden sheen or a rainbow sheen if the lava cools before gas bubbles escape. Such is the case with the stones used in this pair of earrings. 


Dress up your day! A lamp work millefiori bead, crafted by the Tenessa of A Beaded Gift, sets atop 2 Golden Obsidian coins to create this long earring pair. Spacing the two obsidian bears are sterling silver wires and onyx beads. This extraordinary earring pair is for those who love making statements with their earrings. Long and yet not garish.

  • Golden Obsidian
  • Lamp work Glass Beads
  • Onyx
  • Sterling Sterling Ear wires
This pair of earrings requires little care. Occasionally polish the silver with a soft cloth. The stones and glass beads can be wiped with a mild soapy water. Do not sleep in the earring to preserve their shape.