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Notti Stellate Earrings

Earring Length 2"
Do you love the paintings of Van Gogh? The pattern of these earrings remind me of Van Gogh's Starry Nights and thus the name Notti Stellate; starry night in Italian. This pair of earrings is crafted with hand made glass at the SUV studio in Venice. This is a generational family owned artisan glass company that I have the pleasure of visiting when I go to Venice. Each bead was hand crafted and will be unique. The pattern looks as if it is painted however do not be fooled; the entire bead is crafted at the lamp (open flame) and all of the the pattern is created in various colors of glass.
  • Italian glass from the studio of SUV
  • Sterling
  • Sterling ear wires
The earrings are crafted from glass and thus occasionally clean as required with mild soapy water. The sterling wires may be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth as needed.