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Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Necklace Length 20"
The Lapis Lazui name itself means blue stone. Lapis lazuli, throughout time has been called the perfect color. As a natural stone, fine Lapis is a deep ultramarine blue almost exclusively and famously mined in Afghanistan. Legends and artifacts of lapis are among the oldest in the world. These stones are the intense blue you see; unpolished and completely natural. The stones are from an old source, meaning they were used previously in jewelry over 100 yeas ago. The stones are rare and the color is amazing with some pyrite dusting on some surfaces. Set with antiqued bronze the necklace has an old world flare! This necklace is one of a kind.
Lapis Lazuli - Natural Bronze - Antiqued
Protect the stones in this necklace. Do not put perfume or lotions on the stones. The safest way to clean Lapis is with warm soapy water. Use a mild soap and not harsh cleaners. Clean quickly and do not soak your stones in water. Dry the stones with a soft cloth such as micro fibers or lint free cloth. Do not store your necklace in the drawer with All of your other jewelry; they may scratch it. If you do, wrap it in a soft cloth.

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