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Kyanite & Pewter Bracelet

Bracelet Length 7 3/4"

This beautiful stone derives it's name from the Greek...kyanos...deep blue. The stone varies in color from deep to lighter blues with the color most often striated. The name can be deceptive however because Kyanite also presents in white, gray, green, orange and yellow. The stone if found on most continents; those know to produce fabulous gems, South America, Africa, Asia, are the source of the most prized stones. There is not much historical lore associated with Kyanite; It is prized simply for it's color. The most prized stones are perfectly clear and deep blue, very rare.  Don't underestimate the beauty of the silky striated Kyanite.  Both types of stones are beautify and present nicely when worn. Paired with the texture and shine of the detailed pewter beads, the bracelet presents nicely and is versatile traversinmg the hours from morning into the night.
  • Kyanite 
  • Pewter
A soft cloth will keep your bracelet perfectly clean. Please do not use any abrasive polishes or polishing cloths as they may scratch your glass and stones. Kyanite should not be worn while exercising or engged in high impact activity. Kyanite is a strong stone and like a diamond it has perfect crystalline structure and will cleave (break) if hit just right. The pewter in this bracelet is shiny and will not readily tarnish. It may patina, darken, over time and you can wash it with warm soapy water and a soft brush as needed.