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Kyanite Earrings - Sterling Chain Drop

Earring Length 2 1/2"

Kyanite is a beautiful stone that is not common in jewelry. The stones occur naturally in shades of blue, green or black. I have selected stones ranging from a lighter blue to royal blue for the designs in this collection. 

The earrings are contemporary and unique in shape. Three distinct elements come together to create a casual or formal pair of earrings. A complementary pewter artisan bead supports the Kyanite and the hand crafted Italian glass beads suspended from a sterling chain. The ear wire on this pair of earrings is also highly detailed and compliments the vine relief of the bead.

  • Kyanite 
  • Highly detailed, pewter beads with a vine relief 
  • Hand made Italian black glass beads - SUV Studio, Venice, Italy 
  • Sterling silver chain Sterling silver ear wires
This pair of earrings are crafted with pewter that will retain its shine. The ear wires and chain will rarely need polishing; should the need arise, please use a soft polishing cloth and gently rub. Please do not sleep or shower in your earrings