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K2 Necklace Three Stone

Necklace Length 19"

The K2 collection features a beautiful white granite, stained with azurite and malachite.  Found only at a site located at the base of the mountain K2, the second tallest mountain in the world, located in Pakistan. The stones are white speckled granite accentuated with beautiful blue orbs. I have chosen to use natural unpolished stones in this collection of rugged yet elegant pieces. The necklace is accented with cracked natural quartz.


  • K2 stone
  • Cracked Quartz
  • Pewter
The stones in this necklace are an unpolished granite stained with azurite.  It is important to take good care of your necklace.  Avoid getting lotions and makeup on the stones.  To clean the stones use a gentle dish washing detergent and warm water. Do not apply abrasives or acidic cleaning products.  Rinse with clear water, and wipe the stone dry using a soft cloth.