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Dominique Ghana Glass Earrings

Hand crafted Ghana Glass Beads.

Pairs well with the Dominique necklace

The people of Ghana are famous for their glass making skill. The tradition of glass beads goes back thousands of years in Ghana and across the continent of Africa. The beads in this necklace are from Ghana and created by hand. The artisans gather glass, crush it and then using the crushed glass powder, melt the glass in a mold in a open fire oven. Once melted the hole is put in the bead with a twig. Once the glass cools, the beads are rolled by hand in a mixture of sand and water to "polish" them. The beads in this piece were selected for the combination of blue and orange glass. The color combination is unusual and seems to illuminate from within. 


Echoing the orange and blue colors of the Ghana glass are faceted citrine stones and Swarovski crystals. Pyrite beads finish the earrings adding texture and dimension.

  • Ghana Glass
  • Citrine
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • Pyrite
Please do not sleep or shower in your earrings! The pair of earrings is very easy to care for. Occasional mild soap and water will keep them clean as needed.