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Bronze, Garnet & Crystal Earrings

Earring Length: 2 3/4"

The Story: Beautiful brass and bronze are the foundation of this earring pair accented with Swarovski crystals and garnets. Garnet is found in ancient in jewelry dating back 5000 years and especially popular in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome. Garnets have a variety of names specific to the variety of the stone; (almandine, spessartine, grossular, andradite etc.). The birthstone of January, these garnets traverse the year with simple elegance. 

The brass bead is hand crafted with a textured pattern then encircled with brilliant Swarovski crystals. Suspended from the bead are garnets and antiqued bronze. The textures of this earring evokes an aura of ancient times and place. ...of dancing light and color!

  • Garnets 
  • Bronze - antiqued
  • Brass encircled with Swarovski
  • 14K Gold filled ear wires
A soft cloth will keep your earring in perfect condition. Please don't sleep or shower in your earrings.