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Blackstone Bracelet

Bracelet Length 7.5 inches
The black stone of this bracelet is onyx that has been tumbled to create the frosted finish. It has be paired with pewter and the sleek geometry of a Swarovski bead whose twist creates a curved chessboard appearance for a sparkle and brilliance that is mesmerizing .
  • Onyx
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • Pewter
The Swarovski crystals in this piece are durable and yet require that you store them away from stones that can scratch them as they are glass.  Cleaning this bracelet is very easy and requires only mild soap and water on occasion. Please do not use commercial glass cleaners on your jewelry. Mild soap and water are the order of the day. Remember to dry with a soft cloth to remove any smudges and to prevent water spots on the crystals. This small step will keep your Swarovski glistening.