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Black Glass & Pearls Earrings

Earring Length 1.5 inches

These earrings are crafted with black glass and fresh water pearls.  Each bead has been hand made by a family of generational glass artisan from Venice. Every few year I travel with my husband to Venice to visit artisans work with. Each year I try to meet a new artist. These beads were made for me in the studio of S.U.V. in Venice. This family has created glass beads and artwork for multiple generations. Some of the glass in the studio is "antique" and no longer available. Pieces crafted from this glass are exceptional. 


There is so much to say about pearls. These are cultured fresh water pearls, deep blue in color and they possess a beautiful luster. Cultured pearls are real and had some help to get started, most likely originating from a pearl farm.


  • Italian glass
  • Freshwater pearl
  • Sterling silver ear wire

There are many types of glass beads. Some are composed only of glass while others are coated with materials such as 24k gold, fine or sterling silver. Please do not use commercial glass cleaners on your jewelry. Mild soap and water are the order of the day. Remember to dry with a soft cloth to remove any smudges and to prevent water spots. This small step will keep your glass glistening.


Pearls should be put on last and taken off first!  This is because lotions and hairsprays can dull their luster.  Having said this, the natural oils from your body will help your pearls keep their luster…wear your pearls often!