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Artisan Dzi & Citrine Necklace

Necklace Length 24"

The Tibetan agate focal bead featured in this piece is patterned after the ancient Dzi Beads of Tibet and exhibits rich brown and gray patterns hand etched by artists. A combination of methods, including sanding and laser etching, create the amazing patterns you see on this bead. Complimenting the focal bead are naturally cracked agate beads carrying the patterns and colors through out the necklace. Citrine, fluorite and Swarovski crystals enhance the presentation of the agates.
  • Citirine 
  • Cracked Agate 
  • Flourite 
  • Hand Etched Tibetan Dzi 
  • Swarovski Crystal
All stones in this piece will clean with warm water and mild soap. Please note, citrine stones should not be exposed to heat therefore steam cleaning is not recommended.