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Dzi Agate, Bronze & Garnet Bracelet

Bracelet Lenght 7 1/2"

Custom sizing available
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Tibetan Dzi - The stones I select are hand carved by Tibetan artisans and resemble the culturally important naturally occurring Dzi stones. Stones used in this piece are known as Naga Skin Dzi and are exceptionally beautiful with patterning and texture that is uncommon among the stones carved in Tibet. Each of the Dzi Agates is hand carve and unique in design. 

Bronze is an ancient material first used for tools and weapons and then artistic endeavors such as sculpture and jewelry. From approximately 3500 b.c. to present day, bronze is the metal of artist and sculptures. Bronze beads for jewelry are an uncommon find. I love the thrill of the hunt. 

Garnet is found in ancient in jewelry dating back 5000 years and especially popular in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome. Garnets have a variety of names specific to the variety of the stone; (almandine, spessartine, grossular, andradite etc.). The birthstone of January, garnets traverse the year with simple elegance.

  • Garnet 
  • Tibetan Dzi Agate 
  • Bronze
A soft cloth will keep your bracelet in perfect condition. Please don't polishing compounds or cloth on your bracelet. They may scratch the stones or bronze.