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Oceans Necklace

Necklace length is 18"

Deep blue freshwater pearls are accented with moss aquamarine faceted stones, sterling silver beads and a focal Grace Ma bead that echoes the blues and greens of a tropical ocean. Wear as you please as this necklace moves easily from day to evening.


A bit about freshwater pearls.  They are farmed in multiple locations around the world however mostly in China.  Note the word farm, most pearls today are farmed.  Freshwater pearls come in a variety of colors shapes and sizes.  These are a beautiful blue.

  • freshwater pearls
  • moss aquamarine
  • lampwork glass
It is important not to use chemicals on your pearls.   This includes many personal care products.   The acids and chemicals in the products can harm your pearls.  If possible do not put your pearl jewelry on for 30 minutes after using products such as lotions, sun block  etc.  When you are done wearing your pearls for the day wipe with a soft cloth before putting them away!