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Jasper Stone Earrings

Earring Length 1 3/4 inches

Jasper has been used through out history an in many of the ancient civilizations from neolithic man to the Indus Valley, what is now Pakistan, to the ancestors of our First Nation People.  Used by artisan to carve beautiful stone pieces and  used to create tools and weapons the stone has been used across the ages.  A visit to any of our world's museums will reveal jasper pieces used in civilizations across time.  


Jasper stone occurs in many colors and is usually patterned.  It is a popular stone that is opaque.  The stones of this collection are more rare as they are smooth in color and have the look of a polished wood.  This particular set of stones evoke the orient in their presentation.  Each earring pair is unique with matched stones for size and interest of color.  The addition of antiqued bronze give a feel of distant shores and times. Jasper varies in colors so our stones vary from a lighter brown to the deep red brown.


Pairs well with the Jasper Stone Bracelet and the Jasper Stone Necklace.

  • Jasper
  • Bronze
  • Gold filled ear wire
Jasper is a form of quartz and thus a strong and durable stone.  As with most stones, simple mild soap and water will keep your stones clean.  It will also clean the bronze.  Your bronze is antiqued so please do not use chemical polishers on this jewelry piece.