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Jet & Glass Necklaces (Blue, Grn, Or)

Necklace Length 22"

Jet!  The beautiful black foundation of this necklace is made from the somewhat rare material of Jet.   Jet is what we call an organic stone that formed from wood and is found in few places, including England, Turkey, China (Mongolia) and the U.S.   The highest quality of jet is sourced in Whitby England. The Whitby jet is known for it's harness and ease to carve.


Jet occurs as a natural rich black that can be rubbed to a matte finish or polished to a high luster.  Used since ancient times for jewelry and carvings, items made from jet have been found that date back to the stone age and Ancient Egypt.  Now plastic, vulcanite, glass, and black cubic zirconia compete are often used as a substitute for jet. 


Jet Black...the darkest of blacks...only the uncommon and somewhat rare stone for you. Simple, elegant and unique, crafted for your enjoyment.  Enjoy this necklace with it's beguiling blue glass bead, hand crafted in California. Wear it anywhere you choose as it compliments any attire.  


Do you tell the secret of your necklace or leave people to wonder.  Choose!

  • Jet
  • Handcrafted glass bead
  • Sterling silver clasp
Simple rubbing with a soft cloth will keep your necklace beautiful.  Please do not use abrasives or harsh chemicals on this necklace.