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Epidote in Quartz w Green Garnets Necklace

Necklace Length is 20"

Focal stone has a 1" drop

This necklace is crafted with a green epidote in quartz focal stone supported with a foundation of green garnet.  Both stones are uncommon.  The epidote in quartz gives the appearance of grass blades suspended in the quartz.  Epidote is a naturally occurring stone forming in many locations around the world however epidote inclusions in quartz are much less common.  The most prized specimens are those with thin elogated prisms. In the focal stones of this epidote in quartz collection, you can see the elongated crystals.   


Green garnet is also less common.  Most of us are more familiar with the red garnet specimens. Green garnets were first discovered in Tanzania in 1967.  The stone remains rare today and has only been found in Tanzania, Kenya and Madagascar.  The stones of this necklace vary from a yellow green to dark green in color.  The stones are rough and therefore have fabulous textures and color blends.

  • Epidote in Quartz  8 grams
  • Green Garnet
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Sterling Silver
Clean with mild soap and water as needed.