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Jasper Stone Necklace

Necklace Length 20"
The Czech republic is well know for it's glass beads and glassware. The people of the Czech Republic are very proud of their glass and it's distinct characteristics. Like Venice, there are artists in the Czech Republic who create beautiful artisan beads in their studios. The brown and ivory colored tube beads of this necklace are one such example. While visiting the Czech Republic, I had the pleasure of meeting this artist and hand selecting from his beautiful inventory. The artisan glass beads are complimented with natural stones of jasper. Jasper has been used through out history an in many of the ancient civilizations from neolithic man to the Indus Valley, what is now Pakistan, to the ancestors of our First Nation People. Used by artisan to carve beautiful stone pieces and used to create tools and weapons the stone has been used across the ages. A visit to any of our world's museums will reveal jasper pieces used in civilizations across time. Jasper stone occurs in many colors and is usually patterned. It is a popular stone that is opaque. The stones of this collection are more rare as they are smooth in color and have the look of a polished wood. The addition of antiqued bronze give a feel of distant shores and times. The details of the quartz and citrine add to the visual complexity of this necklace. There is something to enjoy in each component.
  • Japser
  • Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Czech Artisan Beads
  • Bronze
Jasper is a form or quartz or specifically an opaque chalcedony. With that, the stones of this piece are all members of the quartz family.   These natural stones will only require cleaning with warm water on occasion.  The glass and bronze will benefit from the same cleaning practices as the stone.