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Garnet & Onyx Bracelet

Bracelet length 8"

Garnets are a richly colored stone that occurs in many different colors.  These garnets are hessonite garnets and red in color. They are rough or raw meaning they are presented as they were discovered; cleaned of course.   The stones are paired with black onyx.  Onyx is actually a chalcedony stone and related to agates.  The main distinction between the two is the bands that create onyx are organized in layers and those of agates are in curves; this is visible in the lighter colors of onyx.  Black onyx exists in nature though it is rare thus most black onyx sold today is color enhanced.


This bracelet suits those who appreciate the natural “edge” of the garnets and the  contrasting color of the black onyx. 

  • Hessonite Garnets
  • Onyx
Clean with mild soap and water as necessary.  Do not use harsh household cleaners on the stones.