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Garnet Necklace

Necklace Length is 19 inches

The rich red colors of the garnet have been prized by man since the Bronze Age. Though a garnet is a common mineral occurring in 6 major forms and in multiple colors, it has been revered through the ages for it's red color and considered equal to rubies in beauty. Ancient Egyptians revered the garnet; it was worn by pharaohs and royalty as necklaces and entombed with mummies to have in the afterlife. The gem has been revered from Roman times, through the Middle Ages and today. There is much lore associated with the beautiful garnet.


The deep reds of this garnet necklace evoke intrigue. Black and deep red; always a beautiful combination crossing many styles. You choose your style and it will surely compliment and enhance.  



  • Garnets
  • Spinel
  • Sterling Clasp
Clean with warm water and mild detergent. May be brushed softly to remove any dirt . Avoid cleaning with ultra sound devices or steam. If the stone has any small fractures it may break.  The sterling clasp can be cleaned as required with a soft polishing cloth.