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Travels to Tucson - The Gem Shows

Travels to Tucson - The Gem Shows

What calls you first; beauty or practicality? Do you see beauty in everyday items? Not the easiest of questions, right? Do you express an appreciation for world cultures. Do you do this through your lifestyle, your possessions, your attire. Jewelry is perfect for self expression and yet, not so easy to find items reflective of your global style.






I design jewelry using globally inspired and artisan created components. My designs tend to be uncommon and classic.

Just like you and I.




             Dominique Necklace 





          Asia Earrings & Bracelet

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Each year in February, I travel to Tucson for the annual Gem and Mineral Shows to source materials. I like to say the world comes to Tucson to buy and sell gems,minerals, metals and fossils.



Here in Tucson there are rare and unique materials to see, and in my case to buy and use in designs for you.

Meet Surjit.

He is the owner of Exotic Collections

I purchased these beautiful multicolored citirine stones.





My husband and business partner Ron tells me I sound like an advertisement for the Tucson Gem shows. I can’t help it. I love gems and minerals. I love meeting new people from around the world. I love Tucson and I love creating distinctive jewelry for you.

This year I also acquired African Beads that are 400 years old and from the Ivory Coast. I look forward to creating pieces that honor the history of the beads and yet transcend time. I use elements of design and color and global inspirations to generate my jewelry concepts and ideas.


Visit the Arts Boheme websiteor my booth at festivals to find distinctive jewelry pieces. My tag line reflects who I am as a designer, "Inspired by nature and world cultures".


Here is our upcoming festival schedule!  

I would love to show you new items in the collections.


Festival Schedule

Marin Arts & Crafts Show
February 28 , 29 & March 1, 2020
Marin Center Exhibit Hall
10 Ave of the Flags
San Rafael, CA 94903

See the Entire Schedule


I create a limited number of each design. When you purchase an Arts Boheme piece of jewelry you will have a piece of jewelry that is extraordinary.

Tundra Sapphire Bracelet - These sapphires occur on Mt. Kilimanjaro and

Mt. Kenya in the narrow tundra zones that exists there due to altitude. 

I love the stories of the stones and glass that I use in my designs and I love to share those stories with you. You are important to me. When you purchase an Arts Boheme piece it will meet your expectations for design and quality. Arts Boheme designs will give you the joy of a stunning and uncommon piece of jewelry.